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Nursing Home, Home Health, Assisted Living - General Average Cost

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Assisted Living - General Costs 2012 (MetLife survey)  Editor's Pick

Annual Survey of assisted living costs finds annual average costs rose 2.1% to $42,600 ($3550 per month). Variation by city from average cost per month of $2355 (parts of Arkansas) to $5933 (Washington, DC). Very few markets have an average price under $2500. About 51% provided Alzheimer's and dementia care, with 61% charging an additional add-on fee for memory care; average base rate rose to $57,684 per year ($4807 per month). November 2012

Assisted Living, Home Health, Nursing Home Average Costs 2011 (Genworth)  Editor's Pick

Average cost for home health aide in a licensed agency was $19 per hour nationwide. A private one bedroom Assisted Living facility rose 2.4% to cost more than $39,000 per year ($3261 per month). Semi-private nursing home room rate was $193 per day, with Alaska at a whopping $609. Skilled nursing home private room averaged $213 per day in the US. All states listed; average adult day care and homemaker rates also shown. Survey by Genworth Financial (CareScout) between January and March 2011; published April 2011

Cost of Assisted Living, Home Health Aides, Nursing Homes (2010 Northwestern)

Northwestern Mutual surveyed assisted living facilities, home health agencies and Medicare-certified nursing homes in about 100 major metro regions in all states and DC. in April-May 2010. Average rate for assisted living was $3295 per month ($39,536 per year). Average daily rate for nursing home care was $247 per day; home health aides averaged $22 per hour, but could be found as low as $9 or less per hour or well over $90/hr. depending on city. Caution: cities are not listed in alphabetical order, so be patient in finding your region. Full report (147 pg) published June 2010

Home Health Aides and Adult Day Care Costs, 2011 (MetLife)

MetLife Mature Market Institute 2011 survey findings on average costs for home health and adult day center services. National average daily cost for adult day care was $70 per day; average hourly rate for home health aides remained at $21, and homemakers were $19 per hour. Report shows variation by state or selected cities. For example, home health aide cost averaged $19 per hour in New York City, $22 in Chicago, and just $14 in Shreveport LA. Home health aides were highest in Rochester, MN ($34, up from $25 last yr). (Inquire about fuel surcharges or mileage fees.) Vermont had a $148 daily rate for adult day center (Eugene OR at $147), while Montgomery AL declined to $29 per day. Adult day rates were $32 in San Antonio, TX, $38 in Memphis TN, $54 in Pittsburgh, and $66 in Denver. April-August 2011 survey published October 2011

Long-Term Care Data (AARP) 2012

Statistical report by AARP (Across the States 2012: Profiles of Long-term Services and Supports) includes home health and nursing home utilization data from 2010 and average 2011 prices for home health, nursing home and assisted living facilities (p. 26). Individual state detail. Full report is 370 pages

North Dakota Nursing Home Daily Rates, 2011 (pdf)

Average Daily Charges for each nursing facility listed in the 2011 Edition from the ND state health dept. Consumers who are not familiar with the complicated Case Mix Rate System that professionals use, might look at the last two columns labeled Range - Low, High, to get an idea of average cost, and ignore the other 34 columns of data. It might be easier to call the nursing homes you are interested in, and ask them for specific price information. Statewide average was $160 to $372 per day. List of nursing home administrators and directors of nursing, plus descriptions of the case mix categories are in the back of the document; over 50 pages

Nursing Home Average Costs, 2012 (MetLife Survey)

MetLife surveyed nursing homes in all states and DC. in April-August. 2012. Average daily rate for nursing home care found to be equivalent to $81,030 semi-private to $90,520 per year private room (range by city for semi-private room, from $141 in parts of the Midwest to $682 per day in Alaska). Example of city rates: Chicago nursing home Private daily rate ranged from $120/day to $375/day, with an average of $206. Report includes Assisted Living and home care costs. Easy to read report, published October 2012. Unfortunately, no updates since 2012

South Carolina - Average Medicaid Payments for Health Care Services - 2012

SC Department of Health & Human Services shows how much the state paid for Medicaid costs, by type of service. It appears that the average amount paid per visit was about $38 (physician) and $88 (clinic); and $5256 for a hospital inpatient stay. Consumers can also compare what each provider was paid by downloading the full datasheet (Excel file). Full charges (prices) are NOT shown. Medicaid Transparency Reporting project, FY 2012 data

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