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Polls & Surveys - What Do People Think About Health Care and Insurance?


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Citizens' Health Care Working Group: Public Comments

Thousands of comments [Shared Experiences] submitted by citizens and interested organizations reveal the realities of the present day health care system in the United States. Citizen comments address rising drug costs, exclusions and premium hikes for health insurance, affordability of health insurance by the self employed, health care quality, loss of health insurance, and more

Harris Interactive Poll: Concern with Drug Costs (2015)

October 2015 survey of adults shows Americans concerned with rising costs for drugs, and ready to put price caps in place. Nearly 3/4 (73%) supported price controls on pharmaceutical/medical device manufacturers...led by democrats (81%) and 74% of independents. Drug companies, the health care system as a whole and insurance companies get consumers' top blame for the high cost of healthcare. Published by Harris Poll Nov. 2015

Harris Poll - Perceptions of trust in healthcare (Nov. 2012)

Annual Harris Poll shows fewer consumers see drug companies and health insurance companies as honest and trustworthy, compared to assessments of hospitals. Hospitals ranked behind supermarkets as trustworthy, with 36% rating. Drug companies and health insurance came in at 12% and 11% favorable, respectively, with 40% or more of consumers saying they should be more regulated. Online survey of 2383 adults. Published Dec. 2012

How Important is Health Care in the 2016 Presidential Election? (KFF Survey)

Kaiser Health Tracking Poll Health Care shows health care is about a fourth-level priority behind the Economy, the Candidates themselves and Foreign Policy. About 29% of Americans would like to repeal and/or replace the current law. Since 2013, those with unfavorable opinions exceeded favorables in most months. As of Feb. 2016, 46% were unfavorable about ACA, to 41% pro-ACA. About half of people like the single-payer idea, especially if called Medicare-for-all. But support drops considerably if higher taxes are required. Telephone survey of 1202 adults, by the Kaiser Family Foundation Feb. 10-18, 2016

Opinions on Greatest Health Problems in US - Gallup Poll 2015

78% of Americans are dissatisfied with the total cost of healthcare in Gallup poll Nov. 2015. Topping the Nov. 2015 list of most urgent health problems facing this country, was Cost of healthcare, named by 22% of those surveyed. Second place was Access to healthcare/health insurance (20%). In most recent results, 51% see healthcare (insurance) coverage as a federal government responsibility. Trends back to 2000 are shown. Running list of results from Gallup polls

Other Helpful Listings

Cost Conscious and Growth in Consumer-Driven HSAs and High Deductible Health Plans

December 2014 issue brief (No. 407) presents findings from the Annual (2014) EBRI Consumer Engagement in Health Care Survey. Estimated 11% of the population enrolled in high deductible health plans HDHP, and an additional 15% have a Health Saving Account HSA-eligible (or HRA) plan for a total estimated at 46 million adults. This year's report again did not update prior years' findings of lower satisfaction with HDHP than people with traditional health insurance plans. It appears high-deductible-type plan enrollment peaked in 2013, with a 2 point gain by traditional plans in 2014

Survey: Californians' Attitudes toward Death and Dying (2011)

Report from California "Final Chapter: Californians' Attitudes and Experiences with Death and Dying" is based on a survey of 1669 people Oct. 26 - Nov. 3, 2011. Describes people's beliefs about end of life care, preparations, ICU use, and more. California Healthcare Foundation, 31 pages, Feb. 2012

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