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Trauma, Violence and Personal Safety


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CDC Injury Facts - CDC Injury Center

Traumatic brain injury/concussion (2.5 million TBI-related ER visits each year), prescription drug overdose (opioids killing more than 33,000 people in 2015), falls, mass casualties, alcohol-related injuries, teen drivers and car accidents, motor vehicle crashes, poisoning, suicide, and violence, and prevention opportunities and more

Five Most Costly Children's Conditions, 2012 (2015 pdf)

Asthma/COPD, acute bronchitis, trauma-related disorders, mental disorders, and infectious diseases were identified as the top 5 most costly illnesses for children up to age 17, in 2012. Medical expenditures (payments) according to MEPS data (household component) show average costs were $290 for bronchitis, $690 for asthma (16% of which was out of pocket), $1142 per trauma patient, $499 for infectious diseases and $2195 for mental health care (10% out of pocket). Average out of pocket payments by consumers ranged from 9% to 16% of these expenditures. Mental health accounted for $13.9 billion in payments in 2012. AHRQ Statistical Brief 472, April 2015

Five Most Costly Medical Conditions, 2012 (2015 pdf)

Cancer, arthritis, trauma-related disorders, mental disorders, and heart conditions were identified as the top 5 most costly illnesses for adults ages 18 to 64 in 2012. For seniors, COPD and asthma replaced mental disorders. Medical expenditures (payments) according to MEPS data (household component) show average costs (ages 18-64) were $8125 for a cancer patient, $4852 for an adult with heart disease, $2603 per trauma patient, $1727 for mental health care, and $1909 for someone with arthritis. Average out of pocket payments by consumers not shown. AHRQ Statistical Brief 471, April 2015

Guides on Health Problems involving Illegal Activity

Seventy three (73) guides from the Center for Problem-Oriented Policing designed to reduce the harm caused by specific crime problems. Includes guides related to gangs, bullying, bomb threats, drug dealing, underage drinking, child pornography, prostitution, prescription fraud, acquaintance rape, rave parties, drive by shootings, domestic violence and more

School Crime and Safety Indicators: 2010

Official statistics and conclusions by the US Department of Education's Institute of Education Sciences (National Center for Education Statistics). Most data from 2009

Trauma Programs: Verified Trauma Centers (ACS)

Level I, II and III Trauma Centers are listed here, by state (and Landstuhl Germany), at the American College of Surgeons' website. Trauma Center designation is a voluntary process that hospitals may choose to pursue for Adult and/or Pediatric care. Level I is the highest level. For remote areas, a Level IV designation can be sought; unclear why Level IV hospitals are not listed (approx. 29); Sept. 2009

Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) Statistics (2007 pdf)

CDC estimates 1.4 million traumatic brain injuries occur each year; most are treated in the ER and released. But, if hospitalized, the most common Type I TBI has an average stay in the hospital of 8.1 days, at an estimated true cost of $19,300 (2004 dollars), and an in-hospital death rate of 13.1%. Most of All TBI patients were privately insured or covered by Medicare; average age was 45 years, and nearly two-thirds were male. Falls and motor vehicle crashes were the top two causes of injury. AHRQ Statistical Brief #27 released March 2007

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Other Helpful Listings

Trauma Care Guidelines - WHO, 2004 (pdf)

Guidelines for Essential Trauma Care developed by the World Health Organization and others, may be helpful to those who plan trauma care services and anyone promoting improvements in the care of the injured in their country, 106 pages

usnews.com Best Hospitals 2016: Rehabilitation Rankings

Reputation scores only (from physicians), used to identify these top 12 rehab hospitals in the US - led by Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago (RIC) and TIRR Memorial Hermann (Houston). You may wish to check other factors such as CARF Accreditation (put CARF in the search box at Consumer Health Ratings) and any clinical performance results that may be available, in addition to this reputation list by US News & World Report

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