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Calculate Your Risk for Cancer, Diabetes, Heart Disease, Osteoporosis and Stroke  Editor's Pick

Your Disease Risk shows five disease-specific tools to help you identify your personal risk of different types of cancer, diabetes, heart disease, osteoporosis and stroke. Tips for preventing the diseases are personalized to your risk factors. Originally developed by the Harvard Center for Cancer Prevention, now offered by Washington University in St. Louis

Diabetes (MedlinePlus)

Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes; gestational diabetes. Glucose tests, glucose meters and glucose monitoring; H1N1 and diabetes, prevention, oral medicines, pre-diabetes, physical activity, more

Diabetes Fact Sheet (CDC, 2011)

Excellent 2011 Fact Sheet on diabetes from the Centers for Disease Control shows how many people have diabetes (nearly 26 million, over 8% of US population) or prediabetes (estimated 79 million!), by age group, sex, race; estimates for those undiagnosed. Diabetes is the leading cause of kidney failure, accounting for 44% of new cases in 2008. Gives facts on complications, deaths, heart disease & stroke, kidney disease, blindness, amputations and dental disease associated with diabetes

Diabetes Hospitalizations, average cost & length of stay, 2004

Admission to a hospital in 2004 for a principal diagnosis of diabetes cost an average of $7600 (estimated true cost - note, prices would have been higher), and required a 5.3 day length of stay. Average age was 53, with two-thirds coming through the Emergency room (ED). Report shows higher rates of lower limb amputation for the uninsured and for males. AHRQ Statistical Brief #17 published Nov. 2006

Diabetes National Plan for Action (pdf)

National Plan for Diabetes created December 2004 under Tommy Thompson's HHS leadership. Lots of good information about the disease, trends, and activities people and businesses can take to reduce diabetes burden in the US. Self-test for risk on last page. Published by ASPE in HHS, 89 pages

Diabetes PHD Risk Assessment Tool (ADA)

Gather up your latest test results and insert them into this risk assessment tool (called PHD - Personal Health Decisions) by the American Diabetes Association to see what your risk is for diabetes. Wait about 5 minutes for the result, or have results emailed to you

Lifestyle Improvements vs. Metformin to Prevent Diabetes - Which is better?

The national Diabetes Prevention Program clinical trial found that lifestyle interventions of diet (less fat, fewer calories), exercise (150 minutes a week), and behavior modification to lose 7% of their body weight, reduced risk of developing diabetes by 58%. People on the 850 mg of Metformin (Glucophage) twice a day reduced their risk only by 31%. Both groups were less likely to develop diabetes than the placebo group, where about 11% of the group developed diabetes each year. Federal government NIH publication updated October 2008

Prediabetes - Definition and Management Guidelines (ACE 2008)  Editor's Pick

Consensus statement from the American College of Endocrinology (ACE) for managing pre-diabetes. More than twice the number of current diabetics, are those estimated to have prediabetes. Intensive lifestyle changes are outlined. Published in Endocrine Practice October 2008

See Also Consumer Health Ratings - Average Costs & Prices - Compare Hospital Charges  Editor's Pick

See our main category on Costs to see how specific hospitals and ambulatory surgery centers or clinics COMPARE on average prices or charges for many surgeries, hospitalizations, procedures and outpatient tests. The LEARN MORE listings show general average costs in your region

See also Consumer Health Ratings - Ratings, Report Cards and Credentials - Compare Quality  Editor's Pick

See our main page for public reporting of quality ratings and comparisons for individual hospitals, nursing homes, health insurance plans, and other health care services. Check your physician's credentials and doctor's license in this category

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20 Most Expensive Conditions Requiring Hospital Stay, 2011 (pdf)

Septicemia, osteoarthritis, complication of device, implant or graft, childbirth, heart attack (AMI), back problems, pneumonia, congestive heart failure (CHF), coronary atherosclerosis and respiratory failure were the top 10 of a list of 20 health conditions that cost the nation the most in hospital charges in 2011 - to nearly half (47%) of the total national hospital bill. Most expensive condition billed to the uninsured was heart attack (AMI). 12-page Statistical Brief #160 by AHRQ uses 2011 HCUP data; pub. Aug. 2013

AMA: 271 Clinical Performance Measures for Physicians, 2012 (pdf)  Editor's Pick

The American Medical Association's Consortium for Performance Improvement has agreed on 271 measures in 42 clinical topics, that are supported by evidenced-based clinical guidelines. Topics include diabetes, asthma, COPD, heart care, osteoarthritis, osteoporosis, stroke, pneumonia, emergency care, prenatal testing, cancer screening, smoking, prostate cancer care, ear and eye problems, depression, surgical infection prevention, GERD, end-stage renal disease, chronic kidney disease, substance abuse, wound care and more. Written for medical professionals, but consumers might learn something about appropriate physician care

Arkansas Average Inpatient Charges - Top 30 hospital stays (pdf)

Average charges (prices) per patient for the Top 30 hospitalizations (DRGs) in AR, such as newborn and maternity delivery, psychoses, rehabilitation, heart failure, pneumonia, COPD, digestive disorders, hip or knee replacement, chest pain, cardiac cath, diabetes, asthsma, stroke, hysterectomy (DRG 743), septicemia, Kidney failure, UTI, cellulitis and more. Overall, prices were $12,126 per case ($2737 per day) in 2007. For reference, a normal delivery for mother & baby cost $7873 (add $6466 for C-Section without complications); a 12.5-day rehabilitation stay cost $21,628; hip or knee replacement averaged $33,090 ($9166 per day); drug-eluting stent DRG 247 was $18,158 per day for $37,043 per case on average. Huge file; slow download. Summer 2009 report (page 22) by the Arkansas Hospital Association shows 2007 prices. Consumers may expect higher prices in 2009

Arkansas Hospital Volumes, Prices, Quality Ratings - by name of hospital

Find average charges (a proxy for average costs) for 40 common hospitalizations at specific AR hospitals by Clicking on INPATIENT PRICING after you've selected your hospital. Price List varies by hospital, but may include maternity and childbirth, stroke, chest pain, stomach disorders, back pain, nutritional problems (diabetes), blood infection (septicemia), rehabilitation, heart attack, cardiac cath, drug coated stent, congestive heart failure, kidney failure, urinary infection, COPD, pneumonia, total hip or knee replacement surgery, hysterectomy, psychiatric care, ventilator support and more. Note: Definitions conflict for whether data such as Volumes are Medicare-only, or reflect all patients. To find quality scores on heart attack, heart failure, pneumonia or surgical infections, and patient opinions, click on QUALITY at each hospital's page. Hospital Consumer Assist is provided by the Arkansas Hospital Association. Prices from 2007; Quality and Patient Satisfaction scores are more current, using 2009 ratings

Average Cost of Common Hospital Stays, 2009 (HCUP)

Learn about the average cost per stay for the 20 conditions with the highest total inpatient costs in 2009. Includes newborn baby ($2800), septicemia ($18,500), osteoarthritis ($14,800), coronary atherosclerosis ($16,100), acute myocardial infarction (heart attack, $18,200), congestive heart failure ($10,400), pneumonia ($9000), stroke ($13,400), COPD ($7400, physical rehab ($11,800), diabetes with complications ($8700), hip fracture ($14,300), heart valve disorders ($36,700) and more. Average for all diagnoses was $9200. These numbers are estimated costs, NOT prices. From Healthcare Cost and Utilization Project, AHRQ Oct. 2011

California - 2012 HMO, PPO, & Medical Group Ratings Report Card  Editor's Pick

Compare California HMO health insurance plans: Aetna Health, Anthem Blue Cross HMO, Blue Shield, CIGNA, Health Net, Kaiser Permanente Northern and Southern CA regions, United Healthcare (formerly PacifiCare) and Western Health Advantage. Compare PPOs: Aetna, Anthem Blue Cross, Blue Shield, CIGNA, Health Net, United Healthcare. Clear, simple star system used for overall rating. In addition, get more details about member satisfaction, complaint rates, asthma, cancer screening, child/adolescent health, diabetes, heart care, maternity care, mental health, back pain, immunization, and smoking cessation. Medical group ratings also provided by county for the larger groups of doctors. Prepared by the California state Office of the Patient Advocate (OPA), using 2010 data

California - Average Inpatient and Outpatient Hospital Prices, 2012

Find prices for 421 CA hospitals. Inpatient prices are listed in the Charge Master - which shows the charge for every pill, lab test and hospital room rate. MRI and CT tests should be included. Find average cost (charge) for top 25 types of outpatient procedures or surgery by CPT code) for each hospital under a separate tab. Outpatient reports may show prices for Emergency Dept. visit. Files are in Excel file format. Prices are current to June 2012. Consumers can now see one hospital at a time, instead of downloading the mega-file

California Health Insurance Ratings, 2011 CCHRI Report (pdf)

Compare HMO and PPO health insurance plan ratings: Aetna, Anthem Blue Cross, Blue Shield, Cigna, Health Net, Kaiser Permanente North, Kaiser Permanente S. Cal. United and Western. Clinical performance (HEDIS measures) for prenatal maternity care, child illnesses & immunizations, asthma, diabetes, heart care, high blood pressure, cholesterol management, cancer screening, back pain, osteoporosis, drug treatment, behavioral health care and more. Prepared by CCHRI (California Cooperative Healthcare Reporting Initiative), a group of employers, health plans, and health care providers across CA

Colorado 2010 Hospital Charges & Length of Stay (pdf)

Find 2010 average charges (prices), a likely range of costs, number of patients and average length of stay by CO hospital name, for 35 common inpatient medical conditions and surgical procedures. Excludes doctors' fees and outpatient surgery. Shown by region, e.g. Denver area. At the end of each category (APR-DRG), statewide total averages are shown. You may read the pages free on online, but to be able to print any page, you may have to purchase the $250 report (338 pages). Published by the Colorado Hospital Association Aug. 2011

Colorado Health Insurance Plan Ratings 2010-2011

Compare CO health plans on consumer member satisfaction (CAHPS), NCQA accreditation and clinical scores (HEDIS) for Heart, Diabetes, Blood pressure, Cholesterol, Cancer screening, prenatal care, immunizations, mental health. HMO and PPO Plans: Aetna, CIGNA, Denver Health, HMO-Colorado (Anthem Blue Cross BlueShield), Humana, Kaiser Permanente, PacifiCare, Rocky Mountain, and United Healthcare. Sample prices for knee MRI & Back CT are shown. Click on smaller report. Published by Colo. Business Group on Health (CBGH) 2011

Compare Community Health Center ratings

Find performance levels of about 1200 community health centers by state, on clinical measures: diabetes, hypertension, prenatal care, low birth weight, childhood immunizations and cervical cancer screening. UDS data from 2010

Deciphering Medspeak (MLA)

The Medical Library Association describes Medspeak as the special language of health professionals. This site explains and defines common healthcare terms, and has special online consumer brochures related to terminology used in breast cancer, diabetes, eye disease, heart disease, HIV AIDS, and stroke

Diabetes and Technology Support (pdf)

The Value of Information Technology-Enabled Diabetes Management by Bu, Pan et al, evaluates the impact of strategies such as Patient Registries and Clinical Decision Support Systems on Lives Saved, renal disease, blindness, amputations, heart attack, stroke, and other consequences of diabetes. Published for administrators by HIMSS for the Center for Information Technology Leadership, 2007

Florida Health Insurance Plans - Quality Ratings & Satisfaction  Editor's Pick

Member Satisfaction and quality ratings for cancer screening, diabetes, asthma, well child care for HMOs, PPOs, Medicare HMOs and more. Aetna, America's Health Choice, Amerigroup, Av-Med, Blue Cross Blue Shield (Health Options), Capital, CarePlus, Cigna, Citrus, DoctorCare, Florida Health Care, Freedom Health, Great-West, Health First, Healthy Palm Beaches, HealthEase & Well Care, Humana, Leon Medical Centers, Medica, Neighborhood, Optimum, PartnerCare, Preferred, Public Health Trust of Dade Co. (JMH), Quality Health, Total Health Choice, United Healthcare, Universal, Vista. Data collected in 2012. Search by county. No need to download a pdf to see the scores or the star rankings

Florida Inpatient Hospital Ratings, Average Charges, Survival Rates, Readmissions  Editor's Pick

Search feature, mortality (survival rates), complication rates, volume, and average charges (price range), 2011 data. (We couldn't find the readmission rates.) All age groups (not just Medicare), extensive set of health conditions/diseases, and the ability to rank order by top hospitals at the head of the list. Click on the hospital name to see actual risk-adjusted mortality rates for heart attack, stroke, heart failure (CHF), GI hemorrhage, hip fracture, hip replacement, pneumonia, AAA repair, heart bypass, craniotomy, surgery to remove the pancreas, or esophageal resection. Compare hospitals on infections, iatrogenic pneumothorax, and post-op sepsis. Hysterectomy listed under Women's Health instead of Surgery. FloridaHealthFinder.gov

Guide to Clinical Preventive Services 2013  Editor's Pick

Recommendations from the US Preventive Services Task Force (USPSTF) for well over 100 Screening tests, Preventive Medication, and Counseling activities. Sample Topics: Screening Mammography at age 50 instead of age 40 (updated), Cancer (e.g. which is more cost effective - colonoscopy or fecal occult blood testing for colorectal cancer?), recommended screening for bladder cancer or skin cancer, Heart Disease (including aspirin for prevention), smoking cessation, screening for depression in children, diabetes screening, folic acid supplements, glaucoma screening, osteoporosis, COPD and spirometry

Health Topic Summaries: Cancer, Bypass, Hip, Knee, Pediatrics, COPD, more

A series of short summaries on common disease topics and health issues, made available by MHA, an association of Montana Health Care Providers from the COMPdata Monthly Monitors. Topics as of Nov 2007 included Cancer (general, prostate, breast, lung), heart bypass, and PCI, Pediatric care, Alzheimer's, Behavioral (mental) health, End of Life Care, Kidney Disease, Obesity, Hip and Knee Replacement Surgery, COPD, HIV/AIDS, Hepatitis, Influenza, Traumatic Brain Injury, Asthma, Stroke and Diabetes. Summaries provide health information, and statistics about health care system utilization for that disease. Most use 2004 data, some have 2005 data. Consumers need not be from Montana to learn a lot about these health topics

Hospital Comparison Tool - Hospital Ratings & Cost Rankings (all states)  Editor's Pick

Blue Cross & Blue Shield of New Mexico makes this Hospital Comparison Tool from HealthShare (WebMD) available to compare hospital care ANYWHERE in the country, mostly using Medicare data. No registration required. Gives results according to the importance you give to survival, complication rates, costs, volume and length of stay. Provides rankings, and crosses state lines when doing the search. Considerable detail on different types of complications if you keep delving deeper. Disease categories include Cancer, GI (e.g., appendectomy, colon or bowel surgery, gall bladder, hernia repair, gastric bypass), gynecology (e.g. hysterectomy), stroke (under head & neck), heart (e.g. attack, failure, angioplasty, cardiac bypass, catheterization, defibrillator, pacemaker, valve), lungs (e.g. pneumonia, COPD), medical, mother & baby (maternity, delivery for selected states only), orthopedic (e.g. hip or knee replacement), pediatric, prostatectomy, plastic/cosmetic surgery and heart, kidney, lung or liver transplants. Caution: it always assumes higher volume is preferred, which may not be valid. Patient satisfaction scores from the federal HospitalCompare tool shown, without disclosing dates.

Hospital Ratings at HealthGrades (all states) 2012

Hospital Ratings (5-star, 3-star, 1-star) for about 30 diseases & inpatient procedures: Stroke, back surgery, COPD, diabetes, gall bladder surgery (cholecystectomy), bowel obstruction, GI Bleed, hip fracture repair, total hip replacement, knee replacement, prostatectomy, respiratory failure, pneumonia, cardiac bypass, heart attack, heart failure, angioplasty/ stent, valve replacement, sepsis, pancreatitis, peripheral vascular bypass, transplants & more. Probably Medicare-only data for most conditions, although some states provide maternity, appendectomy, and bariatric surgery (gastric bypass) data. More extensive list than the federal government's site. Publicly-traded company. Most data in 2012 ratings are from Medicare patients, from 2008 to 2010; redesign and new ownership, methods are no longer clear

How often do physicians advise patients to exercise?

Data from the National Health Interview Survey, 2010, show that about one in three adults (32.4%) who had seen a physician or other health professional in the past 12 months had been advised to begin or continue to do exercise or physical activity. NCHS Data Brief 86, February 2012

Illinois Hospital and Ambulatory Surgery Center Ratings and Prices (IDPH)

Compare IL hospitals on heart attack, heart failure, pneumonia, surgical infection prevention, knee arthroscopy, cardiac surgery, safety measures, infection rates, some survival information, patient satisfaction, more. See volume and 2011-2012 median charges (closest you'll get to average cost) for selected types of inpatients (e.g. birth, c-section, appendectomy, COPD, gall bladder), and outpatients at ambulatory surgery centers (such as bunionectomy, hernia repair, colonoscopy, lens, lumpectomy, tonsillectomy). May get a full report for one hospital at a time, or one measure at a time for multiple hospitals side-by-side, with state averages. Infection rates use 2011 data. Hospital Report Card by IL Dept. of Public Health (IDPH) for all IL cities incl. Chicago area, Peoria, Rockford, Springfield, Champaign. Report is greatly improved; updated 2013

Iowa Hospital Inpatient Charges Compare

Iowa Hospital Charges Compare provides information about volumes and average 2010-2011 charges (amount billed) at IA hospitals. Select one hospital to begin. Site allows 4 hospitals to be compared at one time for prices, length of stay, number of cases and more. Must select city first, then body system before finding the procedure. Provided by the Iowa Hospital Association, this is a starting point for comparing average cost of care between Iowa hospitals. Compare typical prices for surgery such as gall bladder removal, bowel surgery, knee joint replacement; childbirth and newborns, pneumonia, stroke, heart care, transplants, COPD, psych, rehab, and most medical conditions. Severity of illness can be specified. Consumers will need to inflate old prices to estimate current charges

Joint Commission Disease-Specific Care - Certified Hospitals

List of Primary Stroke Centers, Stroke Rehab, and other disease-specific care certified organizations in the US. Most are hospitals. Other certified programs include orthopedic joint replacement (hip, knee), COPD (most listed under A for Advanced COPD), sickle cell services, burn center, bariatric surgery, high-risk OB; bone marrow, heart, liver transplants; cancer (including breast, lung, pancreatic, prostate); diabetes; AAA, Alzheimer's, sleep program, wound care, spine treatment program, migraines, Parkinsons disease, ESRD, palliative care, epilepsy, congestive heart failure, heart failure, AMI, pneumonia and more. July 2010 list is 75 pages, and hard to use because health condition certifications are listed under multiple titles such as "Advanced"

Louisiana Health Insurance Plan Ratings 2010

Compare health plan quality and customer satisfaction for insurance plans Aetna, Connecticut General, Coventry, Group Health, HMO Louisiana Blue Cross Blue Shield, Humana, BC BS of LA, United Healthcare PPO, HMO POS. Quality scores for diabetes, maternity, postpartum, well child, cancer screening, blood pressure, asthma, chlamydia, medical care use HEDIS 2009 scores (2008 data). Try not to be surprised at how low some of the scores are. Not all plans report

Maine Doctor and Hospital Ratings, 2012  Editor's Pick

Site by the Maine Health Management Coalition, a non-profit coalition of 60+ employers that includes health insurance companies, doctors, hospitals and employers such as Bath Iron Works, City of Portland, State employees, Bowdoin College. Compare doctor & clinic ratings (family medicine, internal medicine and pediatrics) relative to using office systems, following clinical care guidelines, and measuring results of care for diabetes, heart disease and childhood asthma and immunizations. Sort by Quality puts the best performers at the top of the list. Hospital ratings include medication safety, the often-seen ratings for heart attack, heart failure, pneumonia care and surgical infection prevention; patient satisfaction (HCAHPS) and easy to read Leapfrog results for major high-risk surgery. Editor's Pick for the Doctor Ratings. Updated 2012

Maryland HMO & Health Insurance Plan Ratings 2011

Compare Aetna, CareFirst BlueChoice, BluePreferred PPO, CIGNA, Connecticut General, Coventry, Kaiser Mid-Atlantic, MD-IPA, Optimum Choice OCI and United Healthcare on member satisfaction (CAHPS), getting appointments, and HEDIS measures such as immunizations, children's health, cancer screening, flu shots, heart and diabetes care, ADHD & mental health behavioral care, and more. 2011 Performance Report by Maryland Health Care Commission, released January 2012

Maryland Hospital Quality Ratings (MHCC)

Readmission Rates, volume, and average length of stay data on the most common groups of illnesses or conditions for which people are hospitalized in Maryland. Topics include heart conditions, lung conditions (including pneumonia, COPD, bronchitis, asthma), hip and knee surgery, GI and digestive problems, septicemia, stroke and TIA, kidney failure, bowel procedures, diabetes, maternity and newborn care, seizures & headaches, and more. MD Hospital Performance Evaluation Guide shows 2006 or 2008 data, pub. by MD Health Care Commission

Maryland: HealthChoice (Medicaid) Health Plan Ratings

Report Card for Consumers, 2011 in English and Spanish, compares Amerigroup, Diamond Plan, JAI Medical Systems, Maryland Physicians Care, Medstar Family Choice, Priority Partners and United Healthcare. Two MD HealthChoice health plans get 3 stars (the best) for diabetes care. Ratings also on doctor communication, appointments, cancer screening, pregnancy & maternity care, check-ups for kids and more. Click on MCO Report 2011

Massachusetts Hospital Quality, Cost, Surgeon Volume Information (mass.gov)

Massachusetts Health and Human Services department reports quality ratings, cost comparisons, volume and in some cases inpatient survival rates (mortality indicators). Nearly 50 conditions and procedures covered, including inpatient gall bladder removal surgery, hip fracture, hip and knee replacement, stroke, GI hemorrhage, heart attack, heart failure, CABG, PCI, Pneumonia, Obstetrics and Maternity care, including cesarean section and VBAC, prostatectomy, gastric bypass and other digestive procedures, AAA repair and carotid endarterectomy. In some cases, individual surgeons are named (e.g. physicians who did at least 40 radical prostatectomy operations in a year, or how many knee replacements by orthopedic surgeons) Uses FY2005 volumes and FY2004 cost data. Site is relatively user-friendly, but is becoming outdated. Information varies by procedure. Read closely to see if it's Medicare-only or all types of patients

Massachusetts Medical Group Ratings and Patient Satisfaction  Editor's Pick

Compare the clinical performance of 150 Massachusetts medical groups (e.g., Atrius, Beth Israel, Lahey, Partners Community) providing preventive and chronic disease services for asthma, back pain, cancer screening, COPD, depression, diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, kidney disease, pediatric care and more. Patient experiences with their primary care physicians for over 400 Massachusetts doctors offices. Site by Massachusetts Health Quality Partners (MHQP); 2009 health plan data (Blue Cross Blue Shield of MA, Fallon, Harvard Pilgrim, Health New England, and clinical scores from Tufts) published March 2011

Medicare - Other Hospital Inpatient Charges - 12 DRGs (June 2007)

In the second file at this site, called Other Inpatient Hospital DRGs of High Utilization, you can find number of cases by county and state, and average charges for Chronic lung disease (COPD), pneumonia, heart bypass with cardiac cath, AAA repair (DRG 110), pacemaker implant, heart attack, heart failure, chest pain, large or small bowel procedures, diabetes, angioplasty with stent, heart valve procedures, and others. Average Medicare payment might give consumers an idea of average cost and cost-shifting. Pacemaker Implant example shows national average charge of $40,752, with average Medicare payment of $12,689 (a 69% discount!) Must know Excel, and be able to find your DRG. Organized by state and county; Fiscal year 2006 data. Not very user-friendly nor current, but it is a place to start.

Minnesota - Health Care Quality Report 2010 (MDH)

Find quality ratings of physician clinics and hospitals for diabetes, heart and vascular care, cancer screening, pediatric care and immunizations, selected surgery, heart attack, heart failure, pneumonia, infections, childbirth, hip fracture, survival rates and more. State is organized into 4 regions; includes little towns and major metro areas. Data from 2008 to 2010; report by the MN Department of Health

Minnesota, ND, SD, WI - Physician Clinic Ratings - HealthScores  Editor's Pick

Compare side-by-side (3 at a time) over 300 participating medical groups, hundreds of clinic locations and urgent care centers in Minnesota, Fargo, Grand Forks, Sioux Falls, and some WI communities for diabetes, vascular care, and mental health (depression). Some clinics also have patient satisfaction scores. Medical groups include Allina, Altru, Apple Valley, Aspen, Avera, Brainerd, Children's Physician Network, Dakota Clinic, Edina, Fairview, Fergus, Grand Itasca, Gundersen, HealthEast, HealthPartners, Lakewood, Mankato, Mayo Clinic, MeritCare, Innovis, North Memorial, Northstar, Olmsted, Osceola, Park Nicollet, Regina, Ridgeview, Sanford, St. Cloud CentraCare, St. Luke's, St. Mary's Duluth Clinic (Essentia), Stillwater, United, University of Minnesota, Winona Clinic, and more; OB-GYN clinics, Urgent care such as Express, MinuteClinic, Priority Pediatrics. Separate Disparities report shows additional clinic ratings for Medical Assistance and Minnesota Care patients for cancer screening, controlling high blood pressure, heart (coronary artery) disease, asthma, immunization, appropriate care for children with colds and sore throats and more. Report by MN Community Measurement (founded by the MN Medical Association and seven non-profit health insurance plans). Unclear why dates of performance scores are not always disclosed. Interactive easy-to-use format

Minnesota: How Much Does It Cost? (word doc)  Editor's Pick

Short document from the Minnesota Council of Health Plans, 2005, displays average charges (from 2003) for nearly 50 common medical treatments (including endoscopy, ear tubes, hysterectomy, tonsillectomy, having a baby, and some prescription drugs), using Minnesota data. An interesting comparison is the cost for the same problem (e.g. sore throat or ear ache), depending on whether the patient seeks office care, urgent care or ER care. This report adds together charges from both the hospital and the physician - not commonly seen in reports of charges. In a time when price data are so difficult to get, this report earns an Editor's Pick as a starting point. After all, did you know that stepping on a rusty nail could cost over $1000, or that a colonoscopy could be a $2000 question? (And this was BEFORE 7 years of steady price increases!)

Montana Hospital Inpatient Charges - Compare Prices

Montana PricePoint shows average charges at MT hospitals for inpatient stays (2010 prices), including newborns, deliveries, Cesarean section, knee or hip replacement, rehab, psychiatric hospitalization, back problems, heart failure, stent, chest pain, bowel surgery, more. Many hospitalizations (such as diabetes, kidney or urinary tract infections, appendectomy, inpatient gall bladder removal) can only be found by using the comprehensive search. Site by MHA-An Association of Montana Health Care Providers

Most Influential Doctors in Twelve Specialties (USA Today)

Lists of about 8800 physicians across 300 metro areas, with 3 to 5 doctors (each) shown for alzheimer's, asthma, diabetes, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, breast cancer, depression, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, chronic pain, osteoporosis and arthritis medical care. Created by the private firm Qforma, with USA Today newspaper. A little unclear how those listed were selected from the full 30% of specialists nationwide would otherwise qualify to be on the list. Influential related to patient volumes and implied referrals from other doctors. No details of credentials. Qforma sells the full list to corporate clients. Published October 2010

NCQA Physician Recognition Programs: Back Pain, Diabetes, Heart & Stroke

Lists physicians who meet program requirements and high-quality care standards in Back Pain care, Diabetes, Heart/Stroke and Patient-Centered Medical Home. NCQA is National Committee for Quality Assurance, and is more commonly known as NCQA. Limited information on doctors - name, address, phone

Nebraska Hospital PricePoint System (Inpatient Charges)

Find average price and typical charges for many types of inpatient hospital stays in NE. Examples: maternity prices, angioplasty, heart surgery, some cancer services, hip & knee surgery, bowel surgery, pneumonia, stroke, UTI, gall bladder surgery (inpatient only). Includes volume, average length of stay in the hospital, and median age of patient. Does not include physician costs. Shows one hospital/ one disease or condition at a time; 2009-2010 data. All cities including Omaha, Lincoln, Grand Island, Creighton, Norfolk, Kearney. NHA Care Compare is sponsored by the Nebraska Hospital Association

Nevada Hospital 2010 Average Bill and Length of Stay (pdf)

Nevada selected 50 common medical hospitalizations and inpatient surgeries by Diagnosis Related Groups, and reports each hospital's average bill for each of the last five years. Sample DRGs: Stroke, COPD, Pneumonia, Asthma in kids, Heart Failure, Chest Pain, Bowel Procedures, Appendectomy, Gall Bladder, Hip Replacement, Back problems, Diabetes, Renal Failure, Hysterectomy, Births, Psychoses. Facility volumes, state-wide average charges, and trends from 2006 also shown. NV Report: Personal Health Choices, published June 2011

New Hampshire PricePoint System (Inpatient Charges)

Find average price and typical charges for more than 60 types of inpatient hospitalizations in NH. Examples: maternity prices, heart surgery, pacemaker, hip & knee surgery, digestive problems, psychiatric hospitalization. Average length of stay in the hospital also given. Choose Comprehensive Query for prices on many other conditions not on the Basic list. Get one hospital/one disease or condition at a time; 2009 data shown. By the New Hampshire Hospital Association

New Jersey 2011 HMO Performance Report - Compare plans

Compare five health insurance plans (HMO and POS): Aetna, AmeriHealth, CIGNA, Horizon, and Oxford, on quality ratings related to asthma, cancer screening, heart care, hypertension, cholesterol, diabetes, mammograms, new moms, immunizations, mental health; frequency of cardiac cath and tonsillectomies; more. Easy to read; fast response. Member satisfaction is no longer included. Pub. by NJ Dept. of Banking and Insurance, Oct. 2011

New Mexico HMO and Health Insurance Plan Ratings (2009)

Compare 3 health insurance plans on how health plans scored on care such as cancer screenings, immunizations, diabetes, high blood pressure and mental illness care. Blue Cross Blue Shield New Mexico (BCBSNM HMO - rated commendable), Lovelace (excellent), and Presbyterian (the largest and also Excellent overall NCQA ratings). Click on Consumer Guide to Managed Care 2009 prepared by the state of NM Health Policy Commission

New York and New Jersey 2010 HMO and Hospital Report Card (nyshaf.org)  Editor's Pick

Compare cost and quality ratings for HMOs such as Aetna, AmeriHealth, Anthem BCBS, Blue Choice, CDPHP, CIGNA, Community, Empire, GHI, Health Net, HIP, Independent, MVP, Oxford, & Preferred Care, side-by-side in NY and NJ, for diabetes, asthma, postpartum care, some cancer care, mental health, antibiotic use for children, low back pain care, Board-certified physicians, monthly health insurance premiums, overall patient satisfaction experience & more. Hospital quality comparisons on heart attack, heart failure, pneumonia and surgical infections also provided for NY hospitals. Inpatient volumes, average length of stay and average price (charges) provided for appendectomy, asthma, maternity (incl. newborn & c-section delivery), chest pain, depressive neuroses, diabetes, gall bladder surgery, heart failure, hip replacement, hysterectomy, stroke, cardiac procedures, pneumonia, and COPD. Some survival ratings. Impressive list of measures, too numerous to mention. Health Care Report Card prepared by the NYS Health Accountability Foundation - a partnership of the NY Business Group on Health and IPRO (the QIO). Dates of data vary; HMO premiums are supposed to be current to the month

Ohio Hospital Inpatient and Outpatient Charges, 2009 (ohio.gov)

Ohio.gov Web site shows typical (median) charges (the closest available for average cost) by DRG (diagnosis related groups) and outpatient procedure, with volumes by hospital. Public Warehouse data. Helps if you know DRGs and ICD9 procedure codes in order to find the procedure prices you want. Common hospitalizations: childbirth/ maternity & newborn delivery, heart problems, gall bladder, hysterectomy, pneumonia, stroke, rehab, joint surgery. Top 60 types of hospital stays and top 60 outpatient procedures, including biopsy, endoscopy, ambulatory surgery. Depending on where you go, a bunionectomy might cost you $15k or $20,000, and that was in 2009

Ohio Hospitals - Top 60 Inpatient Hospital Prices (OHA)

As required by the Ohio Department of Health, the average and typical prices for the top 60 most common hospitalizations are listed by Diagnosis Related Groups (DRGs) for all payer cases. Reports published by the Ohio Hospital Association show volume, average charge and length of stay. No side-by-side comparisons. Surgery procedures and hospitalizations (such as joint replacement, delivery, hysterectomy [DRG 358], psychiatric admission, COPD, etc.) are listed in the order of volume for each hospital, requiring consumers to search for the condition they want, and check each individual hospital's report. 2008 data

Oklahoma - Average Hospital Inpatient Charges, 2007

Find the average charge (closest available to inpatient cost) for a hospital stay by Principal Diagnosis (i.e., disease) or DRG. Statewide or county-specific statistics on volume and average length of stay also found in this dataset. May specify data for a certain age group and sex. Geared to researchers and health care professionals, rather than for consumers. If this website was meant for consumers, it would get the User-Unfriendly Award. 2007 data are the most recent available from the OK State Dept. of Health's Health Care Information

Oregon - compare hospital costs for under age 65 (2009)

State of OR (OHPR) posts average hospital charges paid by Oregon's 9 largest health plans (excludes Medicare, Medicaid) in 2009. Site is easy to navigate (click on Start Search), to compare costs for leukemia, chemotherapy, lymphoma, normal newborns and childbirth, prostate cancer (see Male reproductive), hysterectomy (Female reproductive), mental health, UTI, knee replacement and many more. Other than the prices being two years old, the information might be helpful if you think you can negotiate or select a better value hospital. Better inquire to see how much prices have gone up since 2009. Pub. Aug. 2010

Pennsylvania Hospital Performance Report 2009 | PHC4 (Sept. 2010)  Editor's Pick

Compare PA hospitals on Mortality Rating (relative survival rate), Average Charge (price), Length of Stay, and Readmissions. Thirty one (31) conditions in the pdf prepared reports include heart failure, abnormal heartbeat, heart attack, angioplasty and stent, pneumonia, stomach and intestinal bleeding, stroke, (laparoscopic & open) gallbladder removal, hip fracture, COPD, blood clots, colorectal procedures, diabetes, kidney failure, urinary tract infections, abdominal aortic aneurysm repair, hysterectomy, septicemia, (radical and transurethral) prostatectomy, respiratory failure with & without mechanical ventilation, intestinal obstruction & carotid endarterectomy. Grouped by region. Use the Create your Own Report feature to access 20 additional conditions such as Brain surgery, medical back care, bronchitis & asthma, cirrhosis, liver disease, pancreatic cancer, stomach disorders, vascular procedures and more. Symbols for Mortality ratings can be confusing - a higher mortality rating means worse survival (we think). Contains helpful glossary for diagnoses & surgical procedures. Probably the most comprehensive report for hospital care in the country. Data from Oct. 1, 2008 to Sept. 30, 2009

Pennsylvania Hospitalizations for Diabetes, 2004 (pdf)

Average length of stay in PA for diabetes reached 5.6 days in 2004, and average charges about $28,000. For patients within ages 40 to 79, the average charges were in the range of $32,000 to $33,000. No individual hospital-specific information, but hospitalization rates by county are shown. Informative, though somewhat dated, 12-page report released November 2005 by PHC4

Physician Charges: Preventive Services in an Office (Medicare Payments) 2010

Scroll to the download section of the page to find the Excel file for Preventive Services, which shows what physicians submitted for average charges and what they were paid on average in 2010 by Medicare. Types of services: screening mammogram. cervical cancer screen, prostate cancer PSA test ($26 payment on average $85 charge), colonoscopy (most common charge $910, Medicare paid $302 on average), vaccine and vaccination charges, bone density studies, glaucoma screening, diabetes education, smoking counseling, and more. Very difficult file for average consumer. Released Sept. 2011

Prevention Makes Common "Cents"

Detailed report by US Department of Health and Human Services (September 2003) addressing the cost of disease and illness. Specific sections are included on Overweight and Obesity, Diabetes, Cardiovascular (Heart) Disease, Asthma, and Tobacco Use. Metabolic Syndrome also discussed

Racial and Ethnic Disparities in US Health Care - Chartbook 2008 (pdf)  Editor's Pick

Excellent, comprehensive chartbook by The Commonwealth Fund showing differences by race and ethnicity in health status, life expectancy (mortality), health insurance coverage, access, cancer, diabetes, heart disease, obesity, asthma, mental distress, screening tests and much more. Discusses value of Medical Homes. Top notch charts, with most recent available data. Pub. March 2008

Rhode Island - Health Insurance Plan Ratings, 2009 (pdf)

Compare health insurance plans in Rhode Island (Blue Cross BC-RI, United Healthcare NE and Blue Cross -MA). Clinical quality scores such as cancer screening, diabetes care, heart attack care, and mental health care, plus information about access to prenatal care, well child, immunizations and asthma care; member satisfaction levels with their health plans, market share enrollment levels; profits; 2005-2008 data. Commercial average premium per month was $364.83, in 2008. Published by RI Health Insurance Commissioner (Dept. of Health) November 2009

South Dakota Charges for Inpatient Hospital Stays - 2013

Find out and compare SD hospitals on last year's average charges, or median (typical) price. After you select the hospital, you can see the average charge in all of South Dakota (e.g. avg $4002 for normal newborn, or $3061 median. Vaginal delivery for mom was $8358 average, and $7897 median.) All common hospitalizations shown, such as births and maternity delivery, knee replacement, heart failure, pneumonia, bowel procedures, COPD, angioplasty, kidney transplants, inpatient laparoscopic gallbladder removal (avg $39,100) and much more. Also shows length of stay, one hospital at a time. Drop down menu can be difficult. PricePoint site sponsored by SDAHO (hospital association)

Texas - Diabetes Patient Charges and Quality of Care, 2009 (TBGH)

Report on Type 2 Diabetes shows average 2009 charges for inpatient hospital, outpatient, office visits, ambulatory surgery, emergency room, insulin and other drugs, for diabetes patients in Austin, Dallas, El Paso, Ft. Worth/Arlington, Houston, and San Antonio, TX. Quality results also shown. Some numbers compared to Denver, Boston, Seattle and Minneapolis-St. Paul. By Texas Business Group on Health, October 2010

Texas - Guide to Texas HMO Quality 2011 (OPIC)

Lengthy (223 pages) but valuable report showing detailed clinical quality comparisons between HMO health insurance plans for indicators such as asthma, childhood immunizations, cancer screening, heart care, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes care, prenatal care, mental health care, flu shots, ER visit rates, rates of physician board certification, and more. Pub. by TX Office of Public Insurance Council Jan. 2012

usnews.com Best Hospitals 2010: Diabetes Rankings

Mayo Clinic (Rochester, MN) and Massachusetts General (Boston) lead the US News & World Report list of 50 best hospitals for Diabetes and Endocrine Disorders. Uses Medicare data from 2006 to 2008

Utah HMO Health Insurance Plan 2008 Ratings

Compares Utah HMOs covering about 40% of Utah residents - health insurance plans Altius, HealthWise, SelectHealth, United Healthcare, and Medicaid plans (Healthy U, Molina, IHC Preferred, Select Access PEHP CHIP) on back pain, cancer screening, and high blood pressure (categorized under Health Care for Adults); diabetes, antidepressant medication, prenatal & maternity, preventive care, well-child visits & immunizations, overall member satisfaction rates, and more. Shows actual performance rates, and a star-rating. Members rated slightly higher satisfaction with Altius than with other plans, but the HEDIS quality scores are not necessarily higher. Which is more important to you: Satisfaction or Quality? Click on Download Print Version for complete pdf (on left), or see individual topics under Quality of Care and Consumer Satisfaction. Key Findings do not show HMO names. 2008 Performance Report published by utah.gov Nov. 2008

Utah Inpatient Hospital Charges, 2010 - Utah PricePoint

Utah provides average charges (price) statewide, and on a hospital-specific basis for many common inpatient stays, such as pneumonia, stroke, appendectomy, hip and knee procedures, gall bladder surgery, hysterectomy, heart failure, heart attack, chest pain, coronary bypass, heart valve procedures, vaginal and cesarean deliveries, newborn births, chemotherapy, psychoses, alcohol or drug abuse, rehabilitation, back and neck procedures, digestive disorders, abdominal surgery, nutritional/metabolic problems, transplants and much more. Volumes (2010 data) and length of stay are included; does not include average cost for physicians. Consumers may adjust for 2012 costs by adding 2-year price inflation. As with other PricePoint Systems, view one UT hospital at a time. Utah Hospital Assn

Virginia - Compare HMOs (Quality and Satisfaction)  Editor's Pick

Easy to use tool to compare insurance plan ratings: Aetna, CareFirst BlueChoice, CIGNA, HealthKeepers, Kaiser Mid-Atlantic, MD IPA, Optima, Optimum Choice, Peninsula, Priority, Southern, UnitedHealthcare MidAtlantic and River Valley. Choose measures for access, asthma, ADHD, heart, diabetes, arthritis, immunizations, medications, mental health, preventive care, spirometry for COPD, prenatal, maternity and newborn care; well child visits and childhood illnesses, member satisfaction for 2009. Also includes Board certification rates for some types of physicians, number of enrollees, and financial data

WA Premera Blue Cross - Medical Clinic Quality & Patient Satisfaction Ratings 2008  Editor's Pick

Fifteen (15) clinics participating in Premera Blue Cross' Quality Score Card report quality performance on asthma, breast and cervical cancer screening, diabetes, ear infection and well child visits, heart disease, cholesterol screening, use of generic drugs; patient satisfaction with appointment times, waiting times and overall quality, and more. Clinics: Columbia, Lakeshore, Madrona, Minor & James, MultiCare, Pacific, Pediatric Associates, Physicians (Spokane), Rockwood, Swedish, Everett Clinic, Polyclinic First Hill, UW Medicine Neighborhood, Virginia Mason Medical, and Wenatchee Valley. Washington state including Seattle, Tacoma, Spokane, Bellevue, Bothell, Bellingham

WA Puget Sound Clinic and Hospital Quality Ratings (WACommunityCheckup.org)  Editor's Pick

Compare care among 82 physician medical groups (nearly 240 clinic locations) in the Seattle Tacoma Olympia Bremerton region, in counties of King, Pierce, Snohomish, Kitsap & Thurston. Includes Cardiac Study Center, Evergreen, Franciscan, Group Health, Harborview, Highline, International, Lakeshore, Minor & James, MultiCare, Northwest, Overlake, Pacific Medical, Planned Parenthood, Providence, Puget Sound, Sea-mar, Southlake, Summit View, Swedish, Doctors' Clinic, The Everett Clinic, Polyclinic, UW Medicine Neighborhood, Valley Medical Center, Virginia Mason, Western WA, a variety of Cardiology, Family Medicine, Public Health, OB-GYN, and Pediatric groups and others. Clinics voluntarily reported on how well they cared for millions of insured non-Medicare patients in asthma, diabetes, heart disease, back pain, depression, antibiotic & generic drug use, and early screening for breast & cervical cancers, and chlamydia (under mislabeled Prevention title). Ground-breaking in its scope of participation by doctors. No composite scores; users will also likely experience difficulties in printing results the way they want. Compare over 25 hospitals in region for heart care, pneumonia, surgery (preventing infections and blood clots), and patient satisfaction experience. Health Alliance Community Checkup by Puget Sound Health Alliance, uses 2007-2008 data. July 2009

Wisconsin - Health Insurance Plan Profiles by HMO Name

Find HMO quality ratings for cancer screening, diabetes, mental health care, pediatric visits; member satisfaction, complaints and grievance rates; administrative expenses, financial profits, number of enrollees, and more. Prepared by the state Office of Commissioner of Insurance using 2009-2011 data. Plans include Care WI, Children's, Community Care, Compcare (Atrium), Dean, Group Health Cooperative, Gundersen Lutheran, Health Tradition/ Greater La Crosse, Humana, Independent Care, Managed Health Services, Medical Associates Clinic, MercyCare HMO, Molina (Abri), Network Health, Partnership, Physicians Plus, Security, UnitedHealthcare, Unity, and WPS. Updated July 2012

Wisconsin - HMO Health Plan Quality and Consumer Satisfaction Graphs

Links (at the bottom of page) to graphs comparing rates for breast cancer screening, cervical cancer screening, diabetes care / eye exams, follow-up for mental illness, time spent with physician, children's visits to primary care providers, and overall rating of health insurance plans: Dean, Group Health Coop, Gundersen Lutheran, Humana, MercyCare HMO, Network, Physicians Plus, UnitedHealthcare, Unity, WPS and more. 2010 data, by State of WI, OCI

Wisconsin Collaborative (WCHQ) - Health Insurance Plan Ratings

Compare Dean, Gundersen Lutheran, Mercy, Physicians Plus, Security and Unity Health Plan, on 17 quality and satisfaction ratings (CAHPS & HEDIS measures). Includes Diabetes, Heart Care, High Blood Pressure, Cholesterol, and Patient Satisfaction with their doctor and health insurance plan. Shows 2009 data, one measure at a time. Report by WI Collaborative for Healthcare Quality

Wisconsin Collaborative (WCHQ) - Physician Group Ratings  Editor's Pick

Compare WI physician clinics on measures related to Appointment availability (time to schedule a doctor's appt.), Diabetes, heart care, Hypertension, Cholesterol management, smoking & osteoporosis screening, pneumonia shot, patient satisfaction with clinics, and screening for Breast Cancer, Cervical Cancer & Colorectal Cancer. Includes Affinity, Aurora, Bellin, Columbia St. Mary's, Dean, Franciscan Skemp, Gundersen Clinic, Luther Midelfort, Marshfield Clinic, Medical College Physicians, Mercy, Prevea, ProHealth, ThedaCare, UW Health and Wheaton Franciscan. Some info for Monroe Clinic, West Bend, and LakeShore Medical. The Sort-by-Rank option helps you see better performers on the top of your list for some items. Easy to read reports by WI Collaborative for Healthcare Quality; 2009 and 2010 data

Wisconsin Health Reports.org - Compare Medical Group Ratings

Compare the care provided by physicians and doctors in about 20 medical clinics across WI. Medical group ratings are shown for diabetes care, kidney function testing, heart care, cholesterol testing, blood pressure control, smoking advice to patients. Easy to read language; must be able to use a drop-down menu. Aurora, Bellin, Dean, Gundersen Lutheran, Mayo, Marshfield Clinic, Prevea, ProHealth, ThedaCare, UW and others. Sponsored by WCHQ Collaborative, WI Hospital Assn, and WI Medical Society; 2009-2010 data

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