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I Want to Learn More About Healthcare Costs


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Help Guide for Learn More About Healthcare Costs (READ me)

Click on LEARN MORE - GENERAL COST of Medical Care if you want to learn about a typical approximate average cost for surgery or health care service. The LEARN MORE - HEALTH INSURANCE cost category provides links to learn about problems of the uninsured, how much average insurance premiums cost, HSAs and High Deductible Health Plans, and the difficulty in finding low cost affordable health insurance

Fact Sheet: Underpayment by Medicare & Medicaid (2014)

Analysis by the American Hospital Association shows that Medicare and Medicaid under-pay the true cost of hospital care by about $51 billion. This cost ends up being borne by other payors and commercial insurance. Using 2014 data, it is estimated Medicare pays 89 cents on the dollar, and Medicaid pays 90. January 2016 report

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